"Wrong Expectations"

Original artwork

Defense or attack? We never know what kind of trials life  will provide for us, and we need to be prepared for everything. Any expectations always leads to pain. The independence and inner power are the keys to harmony and happiness. You should know what you want, and be ready to stand for you no matter what. You can not become a victim if you don’t want to! Stay alert!

Wrong Expectations – because you shouldn’t await for something. Don’t expect that someone owes you something –  it’s a sure path to disappointment.  You are not alone – you have you and your power!

White gloves means to keep your hands clean, to don’t do anything that could intentionally harm to innocents. Do not get dirty in vain, it doesn’t worth it.

The Axe means you should be prepare and strong, but do not show your power first – it could be accepted others  aggressive and dangerous. Keep calm and stay strong.

Oil on Canvas, 36×16 inch

About "Stand For Your Rights" Collection

“Table For One, Please” is the first artwork in the “Stand For Your Rights” Collection.   

The mission of this collection is to inspire women to become independent and strong, to be able to protect yourself, your loved ones, your interests. Do not become a victim!  To instill confidence in yourself, to find out what you really want and who you are, because I believe that possibility of happiness depends only on you. You should be brave and fearless, because you have yourself. It’s more than enough. 

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