"Saw The Light" Original Oil Painting

Oil on Canvas, 30×48 inch

It’s all about love!

Persistence  is the key to achieving anything. The independence and inner power leads to harmony and happiness. You should know what you want, and be ready to stand for your rights and interests, with love. You can not become a victim if you don’t want to do! Protect yourself!

“Saw the light”  -means “she saw the light” true about you and now you should be ready to get revenge.

White gloves means to keep your hands clean, to don’t do anything that could intentionally harm to innocents. Do not get dirty in vain, it doesn’t worth it.

The circular saw means everything has a cycle but some problems could repeat  unlimited times until we stop to feed them. Circular saw is a Power tool, that represents strength and power in your own hands.

She doesn’t hide the saw – she lets you know what kind of problem you can get.


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