"Game Over" Original Oil Painting

Oil on Canvas, 40×40 inch

Mission accomplished! You won!

It’s been a hard time and now you can relax, you deserve it. Sense of accomplishment and proud fills your heart. All the problems, big and small doesn’t bother you now. All business done, all enemies are buried, inner harmony restored.

“Game Over”  – means to be the person who can solve the problems and be responsible for your life. To set the goals, to take the risks and to be smart.

White gloves means to keep your hands clean, to don’t do anything that could intentionally harm to innocents. Do not get dirty in vain, it doesn’t worth it.

Shovel means to finish the job and don’t leave any traces.

Glass of red wine means the time to celebrate,  and to drink the blood of your enemies, ruthlessly and mercilessly.

One glove is on the floor but another one is still on means that you can rest but don’t relax.


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