Original artwork

Any goal is achievable if you persevere in achieving it.

The girl is depicted on the hood of a Ferrari car, and this is no coincidence. I’ll explain it. Ferrari is a horse, and the logo of the company is a horse. There is such an expression – “to be on a horse”, it means to become a winner, to get what you want.

And it is persistence in taking the actions necessary to achieve what you want that is the key to success.

Red high heels means to stay elegant no matter what happens.

Oil on Canvas, 48×48 inch

About "Becoming" Collection

The mission of this collection is to inspire women to become independent and strong, to be able to protect yourself, your loved ones, your interests. Do not become a victim!  To instill confidence in yourself, to find out what you really want and who you are, because I believe that possibility of happiness depends only on you. You should be brave and fearless, because you have yourself. It’s more than enough. 

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