Original artwork

Your eyes is about to explode from these saturated colors, but what is hiding behind them? Can you find the truth?

It’s a masquerade, life is a masquerade! 

You have so many people in your live, and most of them  hiding their truth behind  beautiful patterns and bright colors, covering their real personality.

All of us are axes from this artwork. World is a masquerade, we made it this way. We wear beautiful clothes, we do different things, we deciding how to apply ourselves , as an axe – to build or to destroy this world.

This artwork shows how many different people, how different they are, but everyone can make his own choice and answer to his main question – to build or to destroy.

Oil on Canvas, 30×40 inch

About "Hidden Objects" Collection

This collection is about enormous amount of things in our life that are not what they seems. To find the truth, you have to look twice and very carefully. But sometimes it’s still not enough.

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