I am Julia Dogan,
and I’m conceptual realism artist.

I love meaningful art a lot. I believe, that the IDEA is the most important and major part of true art. I really love to make you think when you look to my artworks, not only enjoy.  

Seeing the beauty around, admiring nature and appreciating what surrounds you is very important. But it’s much more important to look into your soul and see what is there. Not only to see, but also to accept, not to oppose it. And accepting yourself is much more important than being accepted by others. You have only yourself.

I think that American society and mentality have greatly contributed to my acceptance of myself. It is not a shame here to be different, it is not scary to have a different opinion, you do not need to wait for a conviction. American women are very confident and self-sufficient, and it delights me, I recognize myself in them, we have a lot in common even if I’ve born in Russia. You know, first comes awareness, then acceptance, and then it becomes a “trademark.”

A strong woman knows what she wants, knows how to get it, can stand up for herself and protect herself and her loved ones. A strong personality has its own scale of values, and it may not coincide with yours, and this is normal. She has her own rules, and they may not coincide with yours, and this is also normal. A strong woman will not try to please someone or prove something, she does not need it. For her, the main thing is to like herself, and this is enough for her. This is incredibly inspiring. You can accept it or not , love it or not, its happiness and inner harmony do not depend on it.

I allowed myself to be myself. I accepted myself and fell in love with all the advantages and disadvantages. I’m not afraid to express my opinion, and especially not afraid if it does not coincide with yours. The values ​​and focus of attention shifted from the outside world to the inside, which turned out to be much more interesting and deeper.

And undoubtedly, this was reflected in my work: external beauty was replaced by internal beauty. I like when there is a kernel. I like it when you love yourself more. I like it when you get what you want, but at the same time you remain to be human. I like it when you can stand up for yourself. I like it!!!!