The ART that tickles the nerves

Inspired by danger, beauty and power.

My name is Julia Dogan, and I’m conceptual realism artist.

I love to mix immiscible and add some shocking elements because I believe: the devil is in the details.
 I use a lot of different materials, and all my artworks are made from scratch. All the flowers and any other elements that you’ll see are handmade by me. Every inch of each artwork is filled with feelings and matters.

My masterpieces are designed to excite you and make you think and analize. I believe that everyone sees his/her own story in the my artwork, and I will not distract you from enjoying it.



All my artworks is one-of-a-kind and authentic, original artwork. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

“Stand For Your Rights” Collection 

“French Beauty” Collection

Clay Art Collection